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Divergent & Convergent Execution

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Understand the brief and goal. Analyze competitive landscape. Conduct user research and desk research. Build empathy with personas and user journeys.

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Build themes by clustering information, reveal deep insights based on empathy mapping, consider areas of opportunity, ‘how might we...’

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Ideate. Co-create and develop with users. Ideate. Brainstorm with team members and users. Ideate. SCAMPER. Ideate. Evaluate with real world test and real world users.

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Prototyping quick mockups. Wire-framing and user flows. Iterating at all stages to build the right thing. Continuous tests and pivot if necessary.

But Who Am I?

I am an ex U.S. Army sergeant who cut his teeth in human centered innovation in Barcelona, Spain while pursuing a master degree in design management. My passion for understanding other people and connecting with them at a deep level has led me to create digital and analog experiences with clients such as Konica Minolta (a Japanese technology company), Ferrino (an Italian outdoor accessories and clothing manufacturer), IdeaSquare (CERN’s experimental innovation center), and the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.

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